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Re-A-Door Kitchen Cabinets Refacing Process

Step 1 of the Refacing Process : Prep Kitchen Cabinet Frames and Surfaces:

When we start the Refacing Process we remove any panels around the frames of the kitchen cabinet that matches your existing cabinetry. Any glue residue is removed and all the kitchen cabinets frames are  cleaned.

Step 2 of the Refacing Process : Removal Of Old Cabinet Doors and Drawers

All of your existing door fronts, drawer fronts and hardware are carefully removed by our professional installers and loaded into our truck to be discarded.

Step 3 of the Refacing Process : All Exposed Cabinet and Surfaces Covered

A veneer or laminate  that matches your NEW cabinet door selection is custom cut & installed to fit over the exposed face of the existing kitchen cabinet frames.

Doors and Hardware Installed

Your  custom made kitchen cabinet doors are installed with commercial grade hinges and knobs or handles of your choice.  

Kitchen is Cleaned

We make sure to clean everything when the job is done, leaving you with a beautiful new kitchen.  

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